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Digital Skills: Get a job with a salary of lakhs, learn how to get digital skills

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By 2025 itself, more than 6 crore jobs will emerge for skilled youth in the digital sector.


In today’s fast-paced technological era, it is very important for everyone to acquire the necessary digital skills because today’s world has completely changed. Earlier people used to go to banks to open accounts, had to go to the bank to deposit and withdraw money, had to write letters and post them at post offices. To send money to someone, a money order had to be sent. People used to line up outside telephone booths to talk to other cities, districts, states and countries. But now it is not so. You can now open a bank account online in 1 minute, transfer money to another account today in seconds, instead of letters, today people are resorting to messaging apps like WhatsApp messages, Insta messages. If you want to talk to someone, dial the number from mobile and you can talk immediately. That is, today’s time is completely different from the past two decades and in the coming times, continuous progress is going to happen in the field of technology. In such a situation only those youth who are digitally skilled will get jobs. Digital sector is going to become the biggest job market. By 2025 itself, more than 6 crore jobs will be created for skilled youth in the digital sector. If you also want to get employment, then you can take the help of Master Digital Marketing Program of success. Being 100% job ready, this program has become the first choice of the youth for success in the industry.

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importance of digital skills

  1. Digital Literacy: With Digital Literacy, you will learn to use digital tools, technology effectively.
  2. Data Analysis: Learning to see data insights will enable you to make better business decisions.
  3. Communication: Effective communication through digital channels like e-mail, social media, videos will create your brand value.
  4. Cyber ​​Security: Cyber ​​security awareness will go a long way in protecting your digital assets.
  5. Collaboration: Through digital tools, you will be able to work online by connecting with hundreds of remote members.

digital skill modules

  • digital marketing
  • graphic design
  • coding and web development
  • data analytics
  • project management

Jobs after learning digital skills – monthly salary

Digital Marketing Manager                  60 thousand
web developer                                   70 thousand
Data Analyst                                      50 thousand
UI UX Designer                                   80 thousand
Project Manager                                  70 thousand

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