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MBA Chai Wala: MBA Chaiwala’s clarification on the allegation of fraud in the franchisee, said- it is a conspiracy

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The rapid success that the MBA Chaiwala venture rose to, the number of its fans also increased. Franchises opened rapidly. Now founder Prafulla Billaure is facing allegations of cheating. We came to know from him only that what is the reason for this…?


Today MBA Chai Wala is not dependent on any identity in the country. With more than 100 outlets across the country, it has established itself in almost every big and small city and has gained popularity. Prafull Billore, the founder of MBA Chai Wala, is surrounded by controversies for the first time after achieving so much success. He and his team are facing allegations of fraud. Complaints are being filed. It is being said that by making false promises, a lot of money was deposited for the franchisee of the company. Later the business did not do well and the outlets were closed. Kept money on this too. Now surrounded by questions in this matter, MBA Chaiwala Prafulla Billaure has given his clarification.

There have been complaints against your company from different places across the country, what is the matter?

Prafulla: We have 125 franchisees in India. Only three to four franchisees have some problems. By talking to them, we will sort out the matter as soon as possible. The business of all other franchisees is going well. No problem is coming anywhere.

Allegations are being made that you showed dreams of big profits and people suffered losses?
Prafulla: No business runs on words. Runs on paper. If I tell someone to do business with me and earn crores of rupees, will anyone believe? Business deals are not done on words but on rules and regulations.

The franchisees say that you are not even returning their money?
Prafulla: We will not keep anyone’s money. Whoever has any such problem, directly talk to us or understand the matter legally. The law will take its course.

What is the real reason behind the complaints?
Prafulla: People take franchisee and many times they feel that from the very first month a business of lakhs of rupees will be done. No business runs like this. You have to be patient. Business grows with time. In some cases, the partners took the franchise and due to a quarrel between themselves, the business sank and then started blaming us for it. With time everyone will know what is the reality?

Videos of complaints against you going viral on social media?
Prafulla: Videos are posted on social media only to defame. Some people want to reduce our brand value. For this reason, all this is being done under a conspiracy. If anyone has any problem related to transaction or business then talk to us. If they feel that their problem is not getting resolved then they have the option of taking the help of law. By posting the video, it is clear that the purpose of the person in front is only to attack our brand value.

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