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Pani puri in English name

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Pani puri is a popular street food snack from India. It is also known by various names in English, depending on the region or context. Some of the commonly used English names for pani puri include:

Pani Puri: This is the most widely recognized and commonly used name for this snack. It refers to the dish as it is known in its original form.

Golgappa: Golgappa is another popular name for pani puri, particularly in North India, particularly in Delhi and parts of Uttar Pradesh and Punjab. The name “golgappa” refers to the hollow, round-shaped puris that are filled with flavored water and chutneys.

Puchka: Puchka is the name commonly used for pani puri in the eastern parts of India, especially in West Bengal, Odisha, and Bihar. The term “puchka” refers to the sound it makes when bitten into, resulting in a burst of flavors.

Water Balls: In some English-speaking regions, pani puri is simply referred to as “water balls” due to the combination of the hollow puris filled with tangy flavored water.

Crispy Water-filled Snack: This is a more generic and descriptive name that can be used to refer to pani puri, highlighting its crispy texture and the presence of flavorful water inside.

It’s important to note that the specific name used for pani puri may vary depending on the region or the preference of individuals. The names mentioned above are some of the most commonly used English names for this popular Indian snack.

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